Mindegade 6 8000 Aarhus

Danish restaurant in Aarhus

In the old, iconic La Belle premises, you will find Restaurant Klokken today. La Belle was a well-known strip club in Aarhus – we have preserved a single stripper pole, which is now protected

At Klokken, we serve good, traditional Danish cuisine just as you know it. The restaurant is a little time capsule where coziness permeates the walls.

That's what the guests say

At Klokken, we are experts in coziness.
Here, you can read about some of the wonderful experiences of our guests. We also look forward to welcoming you.

Irene Kongstad
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Fantastic Danish restaurant. I can highly recommend it. We got the menu at full time and we were almost too full, but it tasted great.
Michael Hansen
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I was with a gathering of 60 people and we had ordered between 3 menus in advance and I ordered roast pork with parsley sauce. It tasted terrific. The food came almost at the same time. There are good wine/beer options. There was good and polite service. Can highly recommend the clock Aarhus. It is close to dokk1 with parking options. The only minus is the stairs in front of it are too high when you go out and step down them.
Anja M
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Fantastic cozy place with really delicious food and super sweet and competent service! Will definitely come again!
Jette B
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We had a fantastic evening at Klokken with our whole family. There was good food, good service and good premises (we had a room for 20 to ourselves) We can highly recommend the place.
Martin Worm-Leonhard
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We had smørrebrød ad libitum and it was all well composed and tasty. The selection of beer and schnapps was fine and the service was fast, pleasant and competent and it all took place in quiet and cozy surroundings. Unreservedly recommended if you fancy a full-fledged lunch.
Anders S
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Cozy restaurant with good and friendly service, always the place to have lunch. They have high-quality smørrebrød classics (and then ad libitum, absolutely brilliant), and they are also known for their steak sandwiches, which are both big and good - especially if you can drink brown sauce. There is also a good selection of beers and various schnapps, so we will definitely be back. Thanks for food!

Danish food in Aarhus

Our kitchen is undeniably Danish. We serve classics as you know them best, but we are not afraid to infuse them with a respectful, innovative touch. Feast on our open-faced sandwiches (smørrebrød) to your heart's content, which pair so nicely with our schnapps menu, or lose yourself in one of our favorites. The choice is yours.

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