Crispy pork ad libitum
Crispy pork for your everyday

At Klokken we are extremely proud of our oven-fried crispy pork. “Stegt flæsk” as it is called in Danish, is the Dansh national course and an absolute must try.

We aim to create a nice crispiness without losing flavor and juiciness in the meat. Thicker slices and dry salting are some of the secrets. Of course, we do not reveal the rest.

Since the end of the 19th century hungry danes have enjoyed crispy pork with parsley sauce. It has been a Danish favorite ever since. Obviously we pay tribute to this great Danish course by serving it ad libitum on weekdays for only 179 DKR pr. person.

Crispy pork ad libitum

Monday-thursday from 5 pm
179,- pr. person

Served w. petite potatoes, pickled rootbeets & parsley sauce.

Book your table and put ”CRISPYPORK” in the booking comment.

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