Klokken Aarhus

Restaurant Klokken Aarhus invites you to feel what real Danish “hygge” is. Try our traditional Danish menu made with love and quality.

Restaurant Klokken

Vi fokuserer på det danske køkkens klassikere ved at være tro mod vores rødder og gøre brug af de bedste råvarer.

Visit Klokken

In the center of Aarhus you will find Restaurant Klokken. Behind the gorgeous wooden door hides a cosy and authentic restaurant. At Klokken, while having a wonderful danish meal, you will experience what danish “hygge” means.

You can sit in your own stall and enjoy your lunch or dinner. In the kitchen the chef cooks danish classics with a twist. The atmosphere is informal, welcomming and relaxed.  

Monday-thursday from 5pm
179,- pr. person

Crispy pork ad libitum

At Klokken we are extremely proud of our fried pork. “Stegt flæsk” as it is called in Danish, is the Dansh national course and an absolute must try. We aim to create a nice crispiness without losing juice, power and flavor in the meat. Thicker slices and dry salting are some of the secrets. Of course, we wont reveal the rest.

Klokken Aarhus

Mindegade 6
8000 Aarhus

+45 69156986

Køkkenets åbningstider

  • Mandag - Torsdag

    11.30 - 20.00

  • Fredag - Lørdag

    11.30 - 22.00

  • Søndag

    11.30 - 20:00

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